What we do

In the energy sector we specialise in

  • project conceptualisation – from ideas to fully implementable projects
  • development of business plans for energy projects
  • techno-economic analyses
  • feasibility and viability assessments
  • development of tariff structures and suitable tariffs
  • support services for utilities in the electricity supply and distribution sectors
  • energy efficient measures and technologies, and development of behaviour change programs

In the environment sector we undertake

  • air quality assessments and air quality analyses, including for radon gas
  • greenhouse gas assessments and environmental audits
  • environmental risk and climate vulnerability assessments
  • feasibility and environmental services value assessments
  • carbon audits and quantification of the carbon footprint
  • monitoring and scientific measurements, incl. of environmental project impacts and environmental flows
  • project conceptualisation to benefit from carbon credits, including in voluntary carbon markets

In the radiation sector we provide

  • development of fit-for-purpose Radiation Management Plans
  • radiological risk and radiation impact assessments
  • radiation protection and radiation safety services
  • training of radiation safety officers and radiation safety assistants
  • instrumentation and development of monitoring approaches
  • data analyses, exposure dose analyses and reporting
  • project management to optimise your radiation-related resources